stock at the toronto boutique

  1. -the new madison in gold
    -rock and chain flap...absolutely gorgeous!!!! in black and white, blk is on hold for someone though, seriously! it's friggn gorgeous
    -white perforated jumbo
    -blk perforated e/w
    -various cambon
    - small cotton club tote in khaki
    -medallion in blk and beige with silver
    - petite shopper ( w/ the zipper in blk and beige)
    -a gold or copper reissue? not sure about the size, pretty big, definitely as if not bigger than the jumbo
    - baby animal diaper bag (someone bought the flap while i was there)
    - all of the naked line
    - blk jumbo caviar classic flap w/ new chain
    -cotton club wallets
    - this CC beige logo wallet
    - the expandable flap in black

    if u want my sa's contact, pm me...that's all i can remember. oh, lastly, all of the beautiful flats, looked like they had it in every color
  2. Do they still have the reporters there?
  3. i am not 100% sure, but believe i saw one there, maybe not cotton club, it could be the cambon one...if that's what you are after, you're safer to call ahead and ask about it first
  4. How does the Rock and Chain bag look like, any pics?
  5. it's the flap, not the is gorgeous!!!! i think someone bought it recently, try to do a boardsearch, it is gorgeous! the chain is tdf
  6. Does anyone happen to know if they ship to Alberta?
  7. need to check it out this week!!
  8. Is the chain on the Rock n Chain flap the 3-layered one?
  9. yes, but only in the flap they currently have, not sure if they ordered the hobo, it didn't look like it according to their look book