Stock at Shirise 1/21/08

  1. Stopped by Shirise today and they had a ton of bags in- must've just gotten in a shipment. The SA told me that they only carry one bag in each style in each color that they have. I believe the styles they carry in most colors are the first, city, PT, twiggy, MU, and shoulder. Actually, not sure if they had days, although they usually do carry the days. The bags were all grouped together by color so it was hard to tell them apart. Saw some random flat messengers and couriers in black and browns. But they had an entire "set" of the following 08 colors:

    pale magenta
    vert thyme
    electric blue (I really looked like a cross b/w electric blue and sky blue, but this was the first time I've seen an 08 blue IRL. The SA didn't know the actual name)
    as far as I can remember, all had RH

    They also had a bunch of black and white bags, a few ivory bags, and a large number of cafe and mogano bags. Most were RH, but there was also some GGH (sorry, don't remember which colors or styles had GH)

    Leather on the 08 bags looked uniform across colors- very distressed, slightly white veins but not too bad, very shiny, leather wasn't thin but not thick either, slightly stiffer but not too dry. The leather on the cafes and moganos looked quite nice- some were super distressed. They also had a black first that I noticed because it was so super smooth.
  2. Thanks for posting this! I have been looking for a black first and just ordered one from Shirise. I am hoping that it is the one for me!
  3. Where is exactly is Shirise? What state?
  4. Shirise is in the chicagoland area. But they have a website as well. Although they're not allowed to sell bbags online, since they're an authorized retailer. But I'm sure you could call and order over the phone.
  5. yay iluvhandbags!! :yahoo:I didn't see them up close, but I thought the black firsts all looked pretty good. share pics when you receive it! My black first is my ultimate fave.
  6. Wow, I am surprised they have the magenta and the blue. I was talking to the SA there once and she said they don't buy the brighter colors because they are scared they won't sell. That's why I rarely buy anything from them anymore.
  7. ^^ yup, just this past late summer/early fall, an SA told me the exact same thing. She said they don't carry the "crazy" colors. And then she proceeded to retract foot from mouth by saying "not that they're crazy...they're just brighter..." haha I thought it was funny. But yeah, I was really surprised to see the magenta and blue as well. And they are very colorful!
  8. I just ran up there this morning and I was quite surprised seeing colors there. But since I only paid attention to the colors that I was interested in, I wasn't even sure what a couple of the colors were. There was a blue that I don't think was electric blue. The bags they had in that color were not that impressive. Some were veiny and dry looking. They had a green color and they had some nice bubblegum ones. Nothing they had really bowled me over. (Thankfully). But I am glad to see them branching out in the colors.