stock at saks michigan ave

  1. Hi guys,

    Wheather wa nice here in Chicago so I took a stroll down Michigan Ave. Saks had white quilted bay, whiskey quilted bay, and regular moka bay (I think medium size)

    Thought I would let folks know because I know some of you are not near a lot of high end retailers and it sounds like some people have had trouble getting their hands on certain colors, hope this helps!

    I am thinking of the whiskey quilted but can't make up my mind.
  2. I'm in Chicago too, and I was at Saks also! I saw the royal blue medium paddy and the medium paddy in ecru, (looks like mastic from '06) as well. I think they had a black too....but the prices have REALLY gone up! Well over $1,500 already! :wtf: I'm glad I got most of mine last year....:sweatdrop:
  3. LOL beanie, its a small world, I was those but zoned in on the bays. When I got home a saw a thread about a bay with a strap, I didn't even know that existed! Did you happen to notice if you saw any bays w/ shoulder strap yesterday?

  4. Oh, I have to say I didn't notice any bays with straps, but I was focusing on the paddys as usual! ;) If you call them, they are usually really good about what stock they have...hopefully you will get a knowledgable SA. You might try Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue as well. I didn't get a chance to go in, but they usually have a pretty good selection. :smile::smile:
  5. Good idea, they should know or at least be able to take a look for me