Stock at Saks Indianapolis: Ultimate Soft, Cambon, GST, Cloudy Bundle, Modern Chain

  1. I was just there yesterday, and they had a TON. Also, there will be a trunk show on (I believe) March 15th. Here are the bags that I remember:

    Large Modern Chain tote in a light terra cotta type color (very pretty!)

    E/W Cloudy bundle in black and I think one more color

    GST in beige w/ gold hardware (still marked $1650)

    Beige with beige patent CC's Medium Cambon tote

    Ultimate soft in black and beige

    Coral caviar classic flap (I forget the size)

    They had a wide variety and many bags, so if you are looking for something I would give them a call! They are also supposed to get in 3 GST's in black with silver hardware soon. I put myself on the waitlist and am number one - so that leaves two more for someone to grab!! Their phone number is 317-816-0171. I don't have a SA to recommend, as I seem to talk to a different person each time I am there.:yes: Also, the SA's are not always the most knowledgable!!
  2. I ordered the GST in Beige with Gold hardware at the NEW price. :sad:
  3. What is the new price, piperlu?
  4. which size for the ultimate soft?