STOCK at SAKS Chevy Chase

  1. Girls! There are so many great things in stock at Saks Chevy Chase.

    Here are some of the things I remember:

    Timeless Clutches in Lamb and Caviar
    Bubble bags (sorry I haven't been on this board in a while so my terminology might be lacking)
    Red reissue in distressed caviar
    Chocolate Brown Reissue in lambskin (small and large)
    Jumbo Metallic Black Reissue
    Lots of Classic flaps
    GST with Silver HW (Black Cav)
    Punk Clutch
    and LOTS MORE!

    Give them a call if you feel like racking up some gift cards.
  2. thanks for the info :smile:
  3. do you know how much is the red reissue? many thanks
  4. i think its about 2275. ( med size, just like the classic flap).
  5. thanks minnie!
  6. red & chocolate brown reissue????, are you ref. to the "Hydrid" bag w/mm lock?