Stock At Pa Saks

  1. Doulos and Jill went to Saks today...*waves* to DOULOS..She chauffered me as I still cant drive!Shes da bomb!
    Anywho how.....we saw..played with...fondled..the following bags

    Black cotton Club tote
    Black and White Large Rock and chain HOBO
    RED small rock chain hobo(has gold hardware..very cute IRL
    Jumbo black flap with new chain(may be Jills next bag...LOL)
    Baby animals tote(looks like a diaper bag)
    ummm.....hmmm.what else did we see???Cant remember..will add more if I remember later...heehee
    CAMEL expandable flap( I passed on it for my pink one thats on its way to me)
  2. oo pink expandable....niceeeee!! sounds tooo cute! please post pics when it arrives!:smile: :p