Stock at Nordstrom Topanga

  1. Went Shopping at Topanga Canyon Westfield Today!!!

    Heres what i seen:
    Baby Cabas black distressed leather with the quilting on the bottom
    Coco Cabas The Large one Same as leather and color as baby
    Jumbo Caviar White Flap w/SH
    Pocket in the City
    Black on Black Cambon Tote (Large)
    Smaller Flaps black
    Black GST & PST with Gold Hardware
    Le Marais
    Astrakan (Forgot which style)
    Red Hidden chain (Forgot which style it was)
    Black Soft and Chain Hobo
    Rock and Chain Flap
    Luxe Ligne Flap & Large Black Patent Tote

    This is what I remember. I was suprised to see they had a lot in stock. Hope you ladies find this helpful!!
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. thanks for the update. do you know the contact details for the SA's over there?
  4. The number is 818) 884-7900 and ask for the Chanel Designer Boutique in Handbags.
  5. Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  6. i recommend my SA at that nordie: loan phan. she's very sweet.
  7. the SA i recommend is Michael. He works at Gucci but can sell chanel. he's really sweet and won't make you feel bad if you don't get anything. the actual chanel SAs at topanga are HORRIBLE. i know all the 3 full time SAs there after trying them all out and i cannot reiterate how bad they are considering the amount of comission they are making. obvisouly they're only nice to you when you buy something. they will 'take your name' down for something you may be interested but NEVER call you. i talked to an SA in MN and she said that people often complain about the topanga chanel SAs.
  8. I actually got a call today for a metallic black reissue I was hunting for a few weeks ago and they didn't have one... but they got one today and called me! I thought it was really nice considering I have never purchased from there before...
  9. i did a phone order not too long ago (i think friday).. i forgot who i spoke to but when the SA got all the info down, she basically hung up! i was like " total? no anything?" :confused1: to make things even worse, i don't even know if the bag is on its way or not.. PLUS my boyfriend got charged $2,000 something in ADDITION to the bag. do you guys think the SA used my bf's card to buy something for herself..? :cursing:

    [my first post in the chanel forum btw :biggrin:! but always browsing!]
  10. ^^OMG! Follow up on that!
  11. Never call you, huh. I had to chuckle at this....oh, I inquired about a bag months ago at the Topanga store that was sold out, long shot. BUT, gave my number as the SA said she would call if one happened to come in. Great! In the meantime I had bought one other bag from same SA. Well, a couple of months later they got a surprise shipment, I got a message on my voicemail that they had it, but to call asap as they have others that are interested. I was out of town, never returned the call figuring they would move on down the list. About two days later got a call from Nordstrom shipping, a bag had been charged, but the billing doesn't match the shipping address. Hmmmm......

    I was stunned as I had not made a purchase and assumed STOLEN card. BUT, as fast as I had that thought, it hit me like a brick! Sure enough, this SA charged my CC without my permission and was having the bag shipped as though she had a conversation with me. I was :cursing:!!!! Not only did she do this without my permission, she STOLE my CC info from the one and only transaction I did with her, even MUST have kept the 3 digit # on the back of the card in some file of hers somewhere. This being the exact reason I don't like my CC on file at any business, if I can help it.

    I make a point to say this because when I had originally called, that SA wanted my CC #, I said "NO, I don't ever leave my CC on file and have a bag shipped when it comes in", just gave my phone number. I know stores and custiomers do it this way, but I made a point of saying no to this. There is no way this SA could have charged my CC unless she stole it from the first, only and last transaction I did with her. More confirmation of this.... the reason why the addresses didn't match, I had moved in between the time I bought the one bag and she called about the first bag. So, obviously if I had actually spoken to the woman, she would have had my new address, right. RIGHT! I was furious, this was not a simple mistake. I spoke to the manager of the dept. there, he was absolutely useless and also never received a return call from him or the store manager. I have found these things start from the top down, so I gave up.

    In the end, the dept. manager said it was a language barrier problem as this SA is one of their best. WHAT!!! What does speaking the same language have to do with the fact that I NEVER spoke to anyone and NEVER gave my CC info to anyone! Not to mention the obvious! I will NEVER do business with that store again.

    I highly recommend Lucas and Caroline at MOA Nordstrom. They can find and order anything you want from any Nordy's and they are friendly and have always provided me and many pfers with great CS.
  12. Lori Monji at Nordstrom Topenga is very good. She has always gone over and above for me with my purchases, once having a bag price-matched and sending a courier to my home to pick up a damaged bag at Nordstrom's expense. She is patient and helpful. I think she does a better job than her manager, who appears ditzy and frazzled on the phone.
  13. I spoke to Lori one time on the phone and she was very nice.

    Ditzy and frazzled could be two words I would use. lol I knew it wasn't going to go well, when he called me back, I answered, he said, "Hi, it's me!" and proceeded to tell me how sick he was and that his nose would not stop bleeding. Idiot!
  14. i just called and spoke to loan. she sounded very friendly compared to whoever i spoke to last time. it turned out that the wrong bag was charged so my bf will be having that 2k credited back. that's kind of interesting because i thought i described the bag pretty well? least my bag is on the way! :] i've been wanting a cambon tote for awhile now.. maybe i'll get it by the end of this week! :smile: it'll be my second chanel bag yay~

    all this talk about bad SAs makes me sad.. i have yet to find a nice and helpful SA in san diego..
  15. Glad it's worked out and you are getting the bag.

    I didn't mention in my last post, but since it relates....the bag I actually bought, I was sent the wrong one initially, called and got no apology, just indifference and no offer to have it picked up. Took it to my local Nordy's. I thought it was funny too because I called the bag by Chanel's name EXACTLY, in fact the name has the word FLAP in it. Do you think I was sent a flap bag, NO. lol But, as I was told later, it's a language barrier. Reading your post, probably is true. Makes no sense to me.:rolleyes:

    I don't know of any SD Sa's but you can call any store and make a purchase. I go to my local stores to check out the merchandise, see what I like and want, then I call my fav SA and have it shipped to me. She apreciates me as much as I appreciate her, love working with her. Btw, she's never sent me the wrong bag and certainly has never charged my card without talking to me. Gosh, never realized, she's a saint! lol