Stock at Nordstrom Seattle

  1. My favorite SA (Fredrick) at Nordstrom Seattle sent me a few pics of items he has in stock...

    If anyone is interested here they are.... he's also sending me pics of sale stuff too real soon. :smile:

    Ask for Fredrick....he's awesome!
    MVC-002S (4).JPG MVC-003S (4).JPG MVC-004S (3).JPG MVC-005S (3).JPG
  2. which size is that white patent and do you know the $$?

    also, what did you end up getting on sale hehe
  3. I'm not could call and find out.....206-628-2111. Good luck!
  4. Oooh that patent is purty...
  5. That white patent is $1795 and it's the large size, not the jumbo.

    I *love* the beige Ultimate Soft!
  6. When I was there over the weekend, they also had a 2005 white reissue. And a diagonal CC bag in a beautiful silvery grey in the same size as the last picture.
  7. what size was the white reissu?
  8. I am embarassed to say, I don't know the size terminology for the reissues. But it was $ that a medium?
  9. 225 then?
  10. that should be the small (225)