Stock at NM White Plains, NY

  1. Hi! :smile: Just wanted to let everyone know what I saw at NM in White Plains (and what I remember)!

    -New Chain red Jumbo
    -Bronze Luxury Ligne flap
    -Small dark red calfskin bowler
    -Medium coral (more pinky than orangey) Medium sized calfskin bowler
    -E/W - blue fonce (lamb), coral (lamb), red (lamb)
    -Light Beige, White and Black Jumbos all w/ new chain, silver hardware
    -Patent bowlers in black, white, and navy
    -Outdoor Hobos in brown, blue, red
    -Outdoor ligne doctor satchel (not sure of the official name)
    -GST, PST in black w/ gold hardware
    -Gold (metallic) Luxury Ligne Tote - this was gorgeous - with gold hardware (approx. $2500) and looks like this, but in gold -

    -Petit Shopping totes in Black and Red caviar, silver hardware
    Can't remember anything else haha, but I hope this helps someone! :smile:
  2. Great job! That is some seriously good inventory but I'm looking for Diamond Stitch.
  3. Ohhh okay, sorry I don't recall seeing that :sad: I also forgot to mention they have the luxe flaps in black patent, as well as white patent, and soft and chain hobos/pochettes in I believe black, and white (I might have seen beige as well).
  4. they had the new chain red jumbo out? i just had mine shipped the other day and was told they only got 2.....
  5. Hi... yes, they had one in the display case actually.