Stock at NM Tyson's Virginia

  1. Hi Ladies i just got back from NM at Tyson's and wanted to let you know what Bbags were available there. Ready::jammin:
    Purse - Sapin, Truffle.
    Day - Sapin, Black, Truffle, Emerald Green, Marrone, Natural & Cafe w/GH.
    Weekender - Gernat, Sapin, Black, Truffle.
    Mini Bowling - Gernat, Black.
    City - White, Black, Natural w/regular hardware, Cafe w/regular hardware.
    First - Black, Grass Green.
    French Blue- Grass Green- Marine- Cafe-Vermillon- Black-all w/GH.
    They also had some mid afternoon in Black and Camel.
    If you need to get one phone # is 703-761-1600.:heart:
  2. Sorry i meant to say Work in Gernat, Sapin and Truffle. Weekender in Black.:smile:
  3. Thanks for the update Nanazie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: I bet some PFer's are going to want the Purse style!
  4. Nanaz, they had a French Blue first?! Did it have regular hardware? Thanks so much for posting!

    Oops, nevermind, I just saw that you said they had giant hardware. Thanks anyway though.
  5. I saw the gernat work there... the leather was beautiful... love ittttttttttt
  6. nanaz- what color is the cafe? i couldn't find it on the atelier.naff website amongst the color swatches, but i'm looking for a darkish brown city. i like the truffe color, is it similar? thx :smile:

    ps: i live in huntsville, tx where the most important designers are ford and chevy :smile: i have a hard time seeing these in person
  7. Katielou - the Cafe is a very dark and rich brown color (without the light almost like Black) but it is gorgeous. The Cafe City with regular hardware was awsome and the leather was beautiful. :drool: Good luck!:love:
  8. hmmmm....i am going there today...maybe i should take a look....i wish i had more money! :hysteric:
  9. Thanks for the update on NM Tysons stock! I really have to get there this weekend...