Stock at NM Northbrook

  1. Just at NM Northbrook, IL today. They had a couple of interesting bags someone might be looking for..

    Soho in White
    Sharpey Tote in Black (possibly a white?)
    Black Metallic Cracked wallet on a chain
    3 black classic clutches, lambskin, caviar and the other looked metallic?
    A classic style Gold Metallic Clutch
    White and Black Expandable Flaps
    Black flap with MM lock and new chain- think Jumbo, maybe a medium too.
    Gray Lady Braid Bowler

    Lots of Black Patents....
    GST Black and Brown with Silver
    PST- not sure what colors
    Bordeau Medallion Tote
    Pockets in the City, Brown & Black
    another tote can't find a reference for name, soft handled like the cloudy bundle, but E/W shape with pocket on front of bag with MM lock on pocket, One black and one brown.
    Black wallet with CC

    Their number is 847-564-0300 ask for Cecil

    Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. thx for info too...:heart:
  4. yes thanks.
  5. Thanks for posting. I love knowing what is out there. :smile:
  6. Thanks for the info
  7. Thanks for the info!:smile:Do you remember if the black patents were crackled too???Jumbos or flaps???TIA!
  8. 2 Brooklyns for sure, they had the patent flaps with the large CC's at Cusp in Northbrook, IL (Owned by NM). I know they had alot of black flaps. Sorry I can't remember if they has crackled patents or not. Give Cecil a call he is great! Really knows the stock....

  9. Thanks so much chabich!:smile:
  10. I've worked w/ Cecil before. he's very nice
  11. Thanks for posting, where is cusp??
  12. thanks for posting. do you know how much for the Black Expandable Flap?
  13. I think it was $2695.... If you are getting it there Cecil Rocks! Just tell him the Black Expandable Flap, he knows the NM stock!!!! Otherwise I can give you the style #. He is so much fun... He is there almost everyday. If not he is worth the wait, he will find it!
  14. thanks chabich. :tup:
  15. Love Cecil! He's the best!!