Stock at NM Newport Beach as on 9/11

  1. - Cloudy Bundle E/W tote in khaki ($1725) (light olive), bowler in black $2295

    - Diamond Stitch tote in black ($1750 I think? Great bag at a great price!)

    - MC tote E/W in old distressed black leather $2225!!!!! (the last 1 at the company. I put that on hold so PM me to get it released if you want it!)

    - MC totes N/S in black, E/W in black and brown

    - Le Marais flaps in "black" and real black

    - medium classic flap in lambskin in light beige, coral, and rust

    - medium classic flap in black patent (GORGEOUS!) $2150

    - clutch in white caviar, red and black lamb

    - lots of classic flaps, GST, etc. in black and bordeaux

    - Perfect Day totes in large ($2995) and medium ($2795) in black

    - Minal's blue bead necklace ($340)

    - lots of camellia wallets, and other wallets, necklaces, earrings. etc.

    If you need anything, call Cynthia Smith at 949-759-1900 and tell her Lani sent you.
  2. Thanks for sharing!:heart:
  3. Thanks for posting this info ocgirl! I'm hoping to drive down to Newport Beach soon.

  4. wow, isn't the EW tote the same price as the NS, $2650? It's almost a deal these days to get the "old" price, isn't it LOL?
  5. Do you remember by chance the cost of the black clutch in lambskin?
  6. Thank you for sharing.