Stock at NM King of Prussia, PA - Jumbos, GST, Reissues...

  1. As of July 23rd, there were lots of bags, but here are the ones I remember!

    - Pink medium classic flap
    - some Jumbo flaps with the MM lock
    - Black Reissue with the pearls
    - Black patent reissue
    - Black large Modern Chain tote
    - Brown large Modern Chain tote
    - some Bubble Quilt bowler
    - a bubble quilt flap, but I can't remember the color.
    - a lot of Cambon bags
    - Black GST with either silver or gold HW (can't remember!)
  2. How much is the black patent reissue?
  3. Not sure how much it was. But according to takeoutbox's stock thread, the 227 Navy one is $2495, and I think the one I saw was smaller.
  4. Michelle is a great SA at NM KOP.
  5. Thanks for the great info, I am considering a GST before the increase.
  6. Manny is a great SA at NM KOP!very nice and very helpful
  7. Stacy is very knowledgable if you have any questions.She knows what is coming in and what is still available.
  8. I was there this weekend..I thought the NM stock was pretty low actually.The only newer bags they had were the black expandable tote and the pocket in the city bags...
  9. There was a lot when I went in...but then again, I am on purse ban so it seemed like a lot to me! lol And I didn't want to tempt myself so I only browsed for a few minutes!
  10. I was in there today and I thought they had a nice collection of bags-thank goodness I got out of there without a purchase!
  11. How the brown looking in the modern chain?
    I've seen alot of black, but still haven't had the chance to track down a brown.