Stock at NM in San Francisco

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  1. Hey Fellow Purse Lovers,

    I work within walking distance to downtown and walked into NM. From what I remember, here's a list of the following purses:

    -Black GST with SH
    -Bordeaux GST with SH
    -Brown Expandable Tote
    -Black Expandable Tote (I think it was black...or was it red? lol)
    -Off-White Expandable Tote
    -Pony hair sharpey bag...the frame one with the clasp on top
    -Beige on beige cambon bowler (at least I think it's called the bowler) and I think there was a brown on brown
    -I think they had all the Pocket in the City models.
    -I also remember seeing a bubble quilt bag but don't recall which one it was.

    There's a bunch more but I can't remember. Chanel overload...:wtf:
  2. Oh god, I absolutely hate the Chanel counter there. I received the most horrendous service there, with the SA basically accusing me of not planning on purchasing anything. He also went ahead and threw the look book onto the counter as opposed to handing it to me, implied that I was making up purses (um, expandable ligne? NOT MADE UP), and that I was wasting his time since I only wanted to be on the waiting list. HGL:SJDGSDJ:LGSDG. I HATE THAT NM!!!!!

    lol sorry for hijacking your thread!

  3.! I COMPLETELY understand and don't mind. There's only one person that I go to at that store and it's Peggy. She's the ONLY person that's nice to me since I look really young.

    Anyway, I met the Chanel handbag manager (I think that's what she said she was) and she was a total witch. She told me that if people get on the waiting list and when NM calls them and they say that they already got the bag from another store, she gets upset. Furthermore, she said that if that same person puts his/her name on their waiting list for another Chanel item, she's going to give priority to other people. Isn't that a wicked SA? This was while I was trying on purses and I said that I had my name on a couple of waiting lists. Bleh. I was so upset and was late gettign back to work because of her incessant rambling.
  4. ^ the chanel handbag manager at Neimans is a MAN, hes awesome. I talk to him about everything and we chit chat about the other customers who come in there muhaha..hes quite a character. I havent had problems with them and I am there every other weekend.
  5. I just bought my Jumbo Flap there the other week and my SA was very helpful and nice to me. I was lucky because normally I do not like the SA's in the handbag department there either.
  6. Oh you must be talking about Pauline. She's not the manager- she's the Chanel specialist. Quite the witch. I was there when several customers called in January asking about the Cabas. She basically blew them off and told them that they had no chance in hell in receiving it. When I returned there in April with my Baby Cabas, she literally glared at me for five minutes before asking where I had gotten it. I was so disturbed by her lack of people skills. I don't know WHY she is in retail.

    I really detest that NM. It's too bad because they get great stock.
  7. Yes! That's her!!! Pauline. Ewww...I saw her yesterday too. I guess I'll go in there with my khaki cabas when I get mine too. lol. I'm so bad but she blew me off the exact same way in December.

    Yes...that's the only reason why I go there though. They have REALLY great stock...maybe the quantity of stock is inversely related to the SAs' customer service skills.