Stock at NM in San Francisco

  1. Hi all,

    I just went to NM in SF during my lunch hour (I :heart: working in the Financial District :yes: ) and I just thought I'd share what I saw.

    There were the following of what I recall:
    - rock and chain flap in black (i think this was the large size)
    - new lock in the small size
    - cotton club tote in bronze
    - expandable tote in black (i also think this was the large size)
    - various pst and gst (black pst with gold hw, white gst with sliver hw, and i think there were some pinks)
    - perforated tote in black (not sure what it's of the larger ones)
    - perforated clutch (in various colors, can't remember what)
    - black on black small cambon tote
    - Black sombrero bowler
    - various flaps

    They had a lot more but I don't recall...sorry...hopefully someone will find this useful. I usually go to Peggy if you want to call...I'm not sure she's there today though.
  2. Thank you for posting! :heart: :yes:
  3. any cabas? or clear flaps?
  4. Thanks! I wonder if there are any wallets...
  5. Fijibuni - Nope. No cabas or clear flaps. I'm on a hunt for a cabas least it wasn't out...they might have them in the back but there was only one SA and she was too busy helping another customer since I look young.

    x joie - I did see some wallets. I forgot which ones though. I'm pretty sure they were caviar leather though.
  6. thanks for sharing.
  7. oh poo...