Stock at NM in Palo Alto - Nor Cal

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  1. White Jumbo Caviar Flapw/silver hardware (they had a blue color also)
    White Caviar GST w/silver hardware
    Modern Chain Flap in black & white & hobo in black & taupe
    Violet Jumbo Lambskin Flap
    Dark White PNY Flap Bag w/zipper around the bottom
    Brown Vintage Ligne tote
    Black Ultra Soft fold over bag - it's a big bag!
    A few Outdoor Ligne pieces
    Black patent tote with numbers & symbols
    Black caviar E/W
    Black Caviar Med Flap
    I think that is about all I can remember that stood out!
    Ask for Linda and tell her Stacey that was there today says hello!
    Happy shopping!
  2. THanks.

    Any Chanel on sale there?
  3. dark white PNY?
    wow, someone better hop on it
  4. Well, I missed the sale as I didn't get there until after 4pm today. CHanel was sold out at 10:05am. I am a backup for one bag & I have no idea what the name of it is. My SA said it was mostly the shearling bags, older styles and material bags. No big totes or current inventory.
  5. Oh they also had the Cerf tote in black in both sizes.
  6. Thanks. Guess I didn't miss much.