Stock at NM Atlanta

  1. Hey girls,
    I went to NM yesterday and they had quite a few Bbags..I recall seeing a petal pink with GGH city and a magenta with SGH and some black cities with SGH. They had quite a few bags with RH. BBags actually have their own little corner now at NM in Atlanta..very exciting :woohoo:
  2. I know! It's like the "Balenciaga Room." Once they get up to speed it will probably be a lot better, with more bags.
  3. Is this Phipps Plaza?
  4. Nope, NM is in Lenox Square.
  5. thanks! I'm going to ATL in a few weeks for Work, of course I will have to make a side trip to Lenox Square!
  6. Thanks for the info. Ackk! It would have been better for my wallet if they did not carry any - now I really want to go and drool!
  7. Lenox and Phipps are virtually across the street from each other, so you'll only need one trip. NM has Balenciaga, and in Phipps, Jeffrey has a little and I hear our Barney's co-op may be starting to have some, too.