Stock at Neiman's Palo Alto =)

  1. -Black Coco Cabas
    -8 Knots Tote in Grey and some sort of Mauvey color
    -Timeless Clutch in RED LAMBSKIN :heart: and black caviar
    -Tan Timeless CC Flat Strap Satchel
    -Sharpey North/South Tote in black
    -Sharpey Pony Frame Bag (large and small)
    -Sharpey Lambskin Frame Bag
    -Expandable Tote in Black
    -Expandable Drawstring Tote in Beige
    -Modern Chain Hobos in Black and Dark Brown
    -New Fall Chanel Tote--[something] Day, sorry, I can't remember the name, just know that it had the word "Day" in it! Available in black regular and large size and tan in large size
    -Beige Bubble Quilt Flap
    -Dark Brown Bubble Quilt Flap
    -Dark Brown Bubble Quilt Bowler
    -Metallic silver MC Flap (small and regular) as well as MC tote
    -Cashmere flap in grey
    -Jersey Flaps in red and (grey I think, can't remember)
    -E/W in black Caviar w/gold h/w
    -Medium flap in black Caviar and silver h/w
    -Bordeaux Pocket in The City Flap
    -Dark Brown PST
    -Black PST

    That's all I can remember!
  2. I was there during Labor Day weekend. I was shown black jumbo lambskin and ivory jumbo caviar. Both have bijoux chain. These were not on display.
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  9. Thanks for sharing!:smile:The new Fall tote is called the "Perfect Day"!
  10. ^Thank you, that was driving me absolutely mad trying to remember!
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  12. Thanks for sharing. You have a really good memory.
  13. the timeless clutch in red lambskin sounds amazing.