Stock at Houston Galleria NM

  1. Ivory/off white lambskin medium flap with the NEW chain (I didn't know it came in ivory!)
    Ivory/off white jumbo caviar w/ the new chain
    Sombrero bowler in black and white
    Madison patent flap in pewter color/grey
    Black patent med luxury bowler
    Bubblegum pink caviar medium flap w/ silver hdw
    Caramel/light brown lambskin medium flap w/ silver hdw
    Light beige (lighter than caramel) lambskin medium flap w/ silver
    Rock and chain flap in black
    Rock and chain flap hobo w/ turnlock closure
    Assorted python flaps
    Cotton club pochette in black
  2. Hiii--just bumping this thread since I called the NM Houston store but the lady didnt seem to know anything about a bubblegum pink classic flap in caviar...

    she only described to me the classic regular pink, since I checked the color code...

    has anyone been by the NM Houston store lately???

  3. sooo no ones been to the Houston Galleria NM...trying to find this bubblegum pink classic flap =X

  5. Uh calisnoopy, it maybe SOLD already, I did start this thread mid-April....

    dleesy, i don't know about European stores. if you want the jumbo in ivory try phoning the galleria...

  6. thks for yr prompt reply:smile:
  7. i wish i could see some pics of the ivory's