Stock at Bloomingdale's in VA

  1. i just came back from bloomingdales in virginia today hoping to find a tutti caramella, but sadly...there weren't any =( but i figure i'd list what i saw in case anyone else was looking for these~

    2 ciao ciaos
    1 gioco
    1 canguro
    1 scuola

    1 campeggio
    1 cucciolo

    2 lunas

    1 dolce
  2. There's Bloomies in VA :confused1:
  3. yup, there's only one in VA and it's in Tyson's Corners. I also went to Cusp in Tyson's Corner and they only had 1 adios star bella and 1 adios star BV? could've been a MM, i haven't really seen the two so i can't tell yet...^^;;
  4. Thanks for the info! :smile: when I went last tues. they didn't have tutti yet! i think the one in cusp is a BV. they also had an AS zucca but i guess it's gone now.
  5. Thanks, I'll go look! They always have so much Tokidoki there, it's where I get most of mine!

    It's not really VA... it's Northern VA. It's like a suburb of DC.
  6. Oh okay by DC, makes sense. Thanks for the info. I had no :idea:!