stock at bergdorf goodman- silver cc cerf tote and more

  1. anyone who's waiting for the silver cc cerf tote, here's your chance to be one of the first, they've got 1 available priced at 1995 though.

    also available, 2 bronze coco cabas, blk patent med/large classic flap, cruise lambskin classic flap but with piping? in an exciting cobalt blue and a coral red. and a satin clutch shaped like a boomerang? that was Joseph's description. you can call him for more details, # is 917-776-9653! good luck
  2. Thanks takeoutbox! I love that classic flap w/ the piping, and the cobalt blue sounds so nice. Do you happen to know how much it is? Although I am saving up for the S/S... oh...
  3. sorry, i didn't inquire about the prices, i only asked about the size, which he told me was approximately the same size as the large classic flap and it basically looks like the classic flap other than the piping....but you can call joseph and ask about the price, he is very nice and helpful.
  4. 1995 is already the new price~ sad sad~

    I love BG and Jose! He is so helpful
  5. The CC silver Cerf is also now available at Hirshleifers :yes:
  6. I called Galina Friday night and had the silver CC tote shipped. I am really surprised that it hasn't arrived yet (she said two-day priority). At this rate I should have just picked it up. Hmmm ... :confused1:
  7. Definitely give her a call for a tracking number since so much time has passed.
  8. I've noticed that if you order on a Friday or Saturday, they don't ship out Fed Ex 2 day until Monday.
  9. Can't wait to see the pics of the silver CC tote