Stock at Balenciaga Singapore

  1. Got off work earlier than usual, so decided to drop by the Hilton for a peek. Oh boy, am I in trouble :rolleyes:

    For those who are interested to check 'em out for themselves, they have:

    Giant Hardware
    - rouge vermillon brief
    - bleu de france work
    - rouge vermillon city
    - black city
    - naturel part time :drool:
    - cafe day

    Others include:
    - truffle clutch :love: (the SA told me it was a clutch, but hasn't it been discontinued? Could it be the makeup instead?)
    - vert d'eau weekender
    - sapin bowling
    - cafe first :love:
    - naturel city

    They have more bags, but my memory fails me. I got stuck checking out the naturel part time with giant hardware, which is just AMAZING - this coming from a person who's NOT AT ALL keen on the giant hardware at all! It just looks WOW with the gold hardware vs the naturel city with the normal hardware.

    The bowling was a new design for me (never got to see it IRL), and I want it soooooo bad :crybaby: Cafe is a rockin' brown, and the truffle was just :nuts: I'm in SOOO much trouble. :shame:
  2. delicious!!! do u know how much the rouge city costs? :girlsigh:
  3. The SA said S$2300 for a regular City, and giant hardware is another S$300 - so S$2600 if I didn't recall wrongly.
  4. ooo.. what's the address/name of the store?
  5. Ooohhhh.....weeeee.....gotta go check them out soon!!
  6. Chic_Chick

    The address/phone no. of Balenciaga Singapore:

    581 Orchard Road
    02-05/06 Hilton International Hotel
    238883 Singapore
    +65 67 33 82 70

    You can look for Alvin or Noreen...they're both very nice. Call them around 12 noon, Perth time.

    What's good about Bal Singapore is they really have good quality stock. If you need help with shipping to Aussie, you know who to ask :smile: