stitching problem on my PST - advice (or condolences) needed


Dec 2, 2006
Hi all!

I have a small problem: the stitching on my PST is coming undone - especially around the bottom. It's become very unsightly, and just plain embarassing.

Anyway, I took my PST back to Saks to that they could send it to Chanel for repair. Unfortunately, Chanel was unable to fix the stitching. (I think it actually came back looking worse!)

I am upset at the possibility that my Chanel may be a "goner." The bag is my favorite & has tons of sentimental value. What are the chances that a leather or shoe repair place may be able to fix the stitching?

Thanks, in advance, for any advice you may have. You tPFers are incredible! :heart:


Mar 1, 2006
How long have you had it? If you recently purchased the bag then you should be able to exchange it for another versus having it sent out for repair. Loose stitching is a mfg. defect and not part of normal wear and tear.


Dec 2, 2006
I got it for Christmas last year. It was purchased just over a year ago (Dec. 14). The stitching began coming undone shortly after I received it, but I decided to delay sending it in for repair, because I figured the same thing would just happen again. When I sent it it, it was still under warranty, but Chanel said they were unable to repair it.

Additionally, I'm pretty sure that my PST was the last one in the store. (It's a red lambskin). My mom picked it out, but she wouldn't have known to "inspect" it before purchase. It's my favorite bag in the entire world.


Dec 11, 2006
Oh! I'm sorry to hear that. I've never seen PST in red lambskin before. It must be gorgeous. I have red clutch, and east/west bag in lambskin, and love them so much.

Do you have any pic of loosing stitches? I've never removed stitching and don't think it's a good idea to do so.


What the VEEP?
Nov 28, 2006
Sorry this has happened to you. The stitching on one of my handles came undone the day I bought it..very frustrating. I just dealt w/ it though. Anyway, I agree w/ what roey said.

BUT if you want to check into it, does some great restoration of bags. You might want to email her. Barb is truly a sweet and helpful woman!!
Jun 13, 2007
I think your best option is to write to CHANEL. How is that possible that they cannot fix it? It's a manufacturing flaw. If they say it's impossible to fix, then they should send you a replacement or comparable to it. I know this is from a different company, but Burberry replaced my year old quilted jacket when the stitching came undone. I had to take it back to them for repair several times and eventually they just said that it will happen again and that they will replace it or give me store credit. I suggest that you exhuast all efforts first with CHANEL before taking it to a third party. Once it has been touched by another, they might not want to accomodate you.


Sep 24, 2006
I feel for you. I just got my chanel pst and at the top of the bag i can see some stitching sticking out. I live 2.5 hrs away from chanel and it is not that bad. i will keep it for now. I think you should complain big time. I would, it is unacceptable.
Aug 25, 2006
I would go in and tell Saks to send it back to Chanel even if you have to pay a fee. You said Saks fixed and it looked worse and started unraveling again... So make them send it again. A year is not the usual lifespan of a classic Chanel, you should be demanding because you have every right to be. You could also try a shoe/leather repair shop, but it depends on what exactly is wrong with the stitching. It doesn't hurt to go in and ask them. Let us know what happens.