Stitching on the leather portion starts to came off.... how??

  1. Wondering if anyone encounter same problem. The stitching on my mini pochette accessories, on the leather portion where the wordings "louis vuitton Paris, made in france" is starting to run, and came off abit, probably due to wear & tear. Any remedy? And if I were to bring back to LV shop for repairs, do they charge?
  2. Hmm... no one knows? Would really appreciate some advises from those whom have sent their's for repair.... roughly about how much? Thank Q in advance. ;)
  3. I was under the impression an LV product was guaranteed for life. I don't think you should be charged for a repair. My MC Astropill keychain was sticking a bit and I got a straight exchange. Please take your purse in and let us know what they say.
  4. Thank Q MissMcCrocodile, seems like I have posted at the wrong section, haha. :angel: But hmm... my mini pochette was bought about 2 yrs ago... I didnt noe abot LV Life Time guarantee thou, coz I saw some other thread mentioning they do charge for repair, thus I'm wondering how much it is for re-sewing of the leather portion....
  5. Lv will charge to get it repaired but they will do it for you.
  6. Thanks theglamorous. Any idea how much estimate?