Stitching loose on poor Carly...

  1. I have been carrying my large khaki/saddle Carly for about a week now and today I notice that the stitching on the shoulder strap is coming loose<sigh>.

    I called my local(about an hour away) boutique and the SA said to bring it right it and if it can't be repaired they will change it right out. I'm sure it will get worked out, but I'm worried about Carly :confused1:
  2. Poor Carly, hope everything works out and that she is back home soon.
  3. Coach really stands behind there quality. I'm glad they are still in stock b/c I want a large saddle/khaki Carly (my first choice was gold/khaki, but there's none left!)
  4. All is taken care of....the SA's exchanged my Carly for one that just came in from a new shipment today. What great customer service I had!!!!!

    I browsed some, but nothing much was catching my eye tonight. Walked over to Macy's and found the peace charm for $20, so I bought that.
  5. glad they were able to fix it for you and great find! ive seen them sell on eBay for like $40!
  6. Yeah! I'm glad everything worked out (and you walked away with a new Carly and a peace charm to boot).