Stitching - FLAW!

  1. So as I meticulously inspected the BH I got for my birthday I noticed a FLAW!:push: It is on the front, the top vachetta beween the handles. It's not straight across and it looks like the vachetta could be pulled up over time. Now I know these are hand made (this one was USA) But i feel that paying what I do for LV purses it should be pretty close to perfect. Do you all return if the stitching is off and noticeable?

    So I sent her back to E-Lux. :sad: I have another one waiting to be shipped out once they get it. But should I change to the Neverfull? UGH. I'm so torn with this now.
  2. I say exchange it, if your not satisfied, no matter the reason....but, there are slight variation in stiching and placements, etc.....this to me is normal

    But its your mula and you should be satisfied 100%....:yes:
  3. ^
    Actually there shouldn't be much variation in stitching and placement as there should be the same number of stitches on every LV bag of the same type.
  4. I would exchange it if the stiching bothers you as it is an expensive item. But I would stick with the BH, it is a great bag.
  5. I think it's normal with the BH's and all the Batignolles, actually. It's just the way the leather is stretched over the top of the bag and then stitched down. Mine is like that too and I've used it constantly for nearly 2 year now (in December) and it's still perfect.

    ETA: I'd also stick with the BH, I still like it better than the Neverfull. :yes:
  6. I would stick with the BH. I have that bag and adore it.
  7. You should definitely exchange it. I live in regret forever since purchasing a Mono Pochette years ago. I was not that knowledge-able back then however my sister was. She pointed out that my new purchase was "defective" because the patterns did not match up. Then, she showed me how all her LVs... (purchased in the early 90's) all had their symbols/patterns matched up at all corners and seams. I was too lazy to drive back to the store to exchange my pochette and I hardly use it now because I do not feel that it is a worthy piece in my collection.
    So... as you can see, my unsatisfaction has led to a complete boycott of my pochette. If you are not happy, I say do what makes you happy because that damn stitching will bother you always if you don't exchange it.
  8. Good point FatsoFabulous! I wouldn't want it to become the "step-child" of my collection. LOL!
  9. but it seems the neverfull MM and pm have issues with the pattern not lining up on one side.. and the bleeding around the top.
    I say return the BH and wait for the new one. if you're not happy with the second perhaps take a trip into LV so you can pick one.
  10. you should exchange it for whatever reason. if you are like me, it will bother you to no end until it is replaced.
  11. If you are not happy with it exchange it.