Stitching defect in Neverfull?

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  1. Hello!
    I just received a new Neverfull GM in DE. Upon closer inspection, I noticed red stitching peeking through on two of the handles, plus a clear scuff mark. I feel like I'm being nitpicky, but the little red stitch is bothering me! Has anyone experienced this issue before? Do you feel like this warrants a return? It's such a tiny thing that I feel silly, but I'm undecided. :sad:

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  2. Imo if you have to ask then yes return.
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  3. The bag isn't cheap. For the price you paid, you should get a flawless bag. I say return or exchange it.
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  4. I would not even have noticed that - I had to stretch the image to find what you were referring to.

    This would be a complete non-issue to me.
  5. I know I tend to be a bit OCD about these things, so I figured I would get a second opinion
  6. Good point! Unfortunately I've come to expect some sort of issue with my online LV orders. My last purse came with a weird burn mark on the strap and fraying stitches.
  7. Glad to hear its not noticeable. It might just be me then, lol
  8. I looked closely and STILL can't see anything wrong :lol:
  9. I think all the more reason to return (ocd). It bothers you and will continue to bother you. Good luck.
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  10. I wouldn’t return if everything else is fine. Red stitches don’t bother me at all. Crooked and uneven stitches would not be acceptable though.
  11. I need to buy a microscope.
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  12. This. And when I stretched the image, I thought that little stitch was cute.

    I am glad I don’t have OCD though. Seems like it takes up a lot of time.
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  13. The red lining peeking through is normal on this bag, the only thing that could bother me is the scuff you mentioned.
    I can’t see the scuff on the picture so I can’t really form an opinion on that.
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  14. You bought a new bag.
    Send it back.
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  15. yes return it..
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