Stitch Detail?

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  1. image.png Hi Ladies! Just had a question since I am a new convert to BV ;). i just saw this bag and I really like the stitch detailing... But I haven't seen this type of detailing before. Is this a relatively rare or old type of detailing? I'm not looking for authentication on this listing, just trying to figure out if this stitch detail exists in general for authentic BV bags and if it is fairly easy to find? Thank you!
  2. The treatment I believe was called Tratteggiano and it was done for Resort 2010/2011. This particular technique was only done for that season but there have been other types of (over) stitching done in the past.
    The bag in the picture I assume would most likely be Lagoon?
  3. I'm not familiar with the exact veneta stitch detail you posted. BV has incorporated a stitch design in the past. Here is a close up photo of my SS 2012 large Nappa Crystal Cabat.
  4. Thank you ladies! And I thought Lagoon was more turquoise, this bag looks more green to me?
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    i have seen quite a few in a local consignment shop, so I guess they are not rare /hard to find, but the colour of yours is just lovely!
    Right now they have one fully stitched

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  6. The treatment you posted is Marcapunto, it's different from Tratteggiano.
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  7. Good
    Good to know! Thanks!
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  8. Great! Thank you everyone!
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