Stitch came off prada bag

  1. Stitches came off my Prada BT7372 Vela sport. I am sure the bag is authentic. But I need to know where in the world is there a repair center.
    My boyfriend took it to Hong Kong where they said they have to send it to a repair center and it will come back in 3 to 4 weeks. I'm wondering whether there's a place where it gets repaired within 1 week.

    I'm hoping someone will know where the locations of the different repair centers are as this will be faster than taking it to a boutique in a country where there is no repair center.

    The pictures of the bag are posted in this order:
    The whole bag.
    The front of the bag where the damage is.
    The back of the bag where the damage is.
    DSC00133.jpg DSC00132.jpg DSC00134.jpg
  2. You have to call your nearest Prada store and ask.
  3. most of the time, that is the standard process time which is 3-4 weeks for any kinda repair.
  4. Whow, usually a authentic prada bag stiching will not come out. Try a shoe repair store. They usually help you stich it back fast.
  5. You don't need to send it to hong kong to get it repaired. Just take it to one of their boutique stores or any department stores where they carry them. If you take it to the department stores they may charge you a small fee b/c they work as a third party between the customer and the vendor but I'm not 100%. I would just call any of the prada stores.
  6. I live in a country where there is no Prada boutique or a department store that carries Prada.
  7. ^then I would go to the nearest tailor or bag repair shop and see what they can do for it