Stitch Austin Handmade Revolution

  1. I don't know where to post this (and if for some odd reason, I'm not allowed to post this then I'm sorry! D: ), but are any tPFers going to this?
    It's this Saturday and it starts at 4PM at the Austin Convention Center

    The last two years I was able to join the crowd trying be one of the first ones in the door and get the awesome goodie bags, but this year I have finish my shift acouple blocks away downtown until 7PM, so I can't be there at 4, but I will be there by 7:30!

    I love going to this thing, I always pick up random adorable things to give to my friends because I know it's unlikely that they will ever see those things in the mall and such.

    My roommates aren't interested in this kind of thing, and I don't know if my managers are going to go--so once again, I'm going alone but I wanted to see if there was a possible small tPF group that could band together and have fun Saturday night?

    (FYI, if you plan to buy things, bring cash. It's just a lot easier.)
  2. That sounds so cool! If I lived in Austin I'd be all over it :okay:What kind of stuff have you bought there?
  3. A lot of jewelry, I can't remember who all the designers were that I bought from except these super cute bird earrings that look like little birdies made from little feathers glued to pieces of wood, so they sort of looked like actual miniature birds. I got 6 pairs of those from A Rare Bird Designs. Sadly that specific vendor won't be there this year.
    I've also gotten felted scarves from Supermaggie as gifts, and I always get t-shirts for myself from Model Citizen. I also got t-shirts and totes from Partybots. Just to name a few. My personal favorites are screen tees, even though its such a normal thing, and I can't refuse cute jewelry.

    But there is plenty of other stuff there too, there are links to all vendors with websites, somewhere on the site.