1. When Dana and I scotchguarded our bags. They smelled stinky. :tdown: Did this happen to anyone else? :crybaby:

    Could you also post ways to get rid of the stench? :biggrin: I would appreciate it!

    Would anyone recommend spraying it frebreeze? Or perhaps putting it in a bin with bounce fabric freshners?

    Thankies. :wlae:
  2. LOL yeah.. after we sprayed it.. it had this strong.. kind of chlorine-like smell to it. Its hard to explain. REally, is it just us or does your Scotchgard have a smell to it too?? :confused1:

    Its the "Heavy Duty Water Repellent - For Outdoor Fabrics" Its "ideal" for raincoats, umbrellas, jackets, tents, . . . , backpacks, etc. And it says on the can "Premium low odor formula" (Lies!!)

    Is there a "regular" Scotchgard that everyone uses? I assume that all the others would smell the same.. if there's any smell at all. The only other one we found was a cleaner.. "with deep foaming action!" (:lol: I cracked up at that..)

    If you guys use Scotchgard, please let us know if we're going crazy, using the wrong one, or this happens to everyone too.. TIA!!
  3. oh wow ... I can't wait to see answers to this cuz I haven't scotchguarded anything. I'm very curious now!!
  4. Good morning TokidokiAngel (I see that you're in NY) :smile: You havent Scotchgard your bags yet?? :confused1: I always thought you were one of the TPFers telling other people to do it.. I guess I have the wrong person LOL
  5. lol good morning Miss: Dana :smile: nope I haven't scotchguarded any of my bags yet. I'm one of those people that say "ooh yeah scotchguarding sounds like a great idea .. I need to do that!" But then I end up being too lazy to buy scotchguard or I forget to buy it when I go to Target :push:
  6. hmm I dont have scotchgard to scotchgard my stuff..but what I use is a shoe protector from footlocker :lol: ...they say it works like scotchgard and so far my paradiso denaro doesnt stink, though it still gets a lil dirty :lol: so im guessing its not working?? haha
  7. Jeanne - LOL that one thread from waaaay back was the last time I heard someone talk about Scotchgard.. and from then until now, I was too lazy to find Scotchgard (I didnt know they sold some here! LOL) So I finally bought some.. and sprayed it today.. and now its stinky :yucky:

    Celia - Shoe protector?? Really??! :shocked: I would think that it would work.. but I guess not..? :confused1: LOL Thats weird.. does that mean it doesnt work for shoes either?? Maybe people should start Scotchgarding their shoes!! :lol: My Scotchgard says "leather shoes and boots" under the "ideal for..." part!
  8. Dana's scotchguard sprays a lot. >>; there's still a lot left and we uh "tested" which way the wind went with a small 1 second spray ROFL.
  9. yup shoe is what mine says... waterproof, repels rain, snow, salt, dirt, stains...its even a leather conditioner to keep it soft :lol: I know it repels water thats for sure! But dirt?? idk about that :lol:
  10. oh it was posted once that Kiwi Protect All works for keeping tokis dirt free. I think that stuff is originally meant for shoes too. I've been meaning to get some but once again .. too lazy or I forget.

    But umm reading this thread ... I'm scared to scotchguard now. I don't want stinky bags .. lol
    and I guess I won't be trying that FootLocker stuff either :lol: But gosh I need something to keep the Adios Star and L'amore zucca clean. So afraid to use them right now.
  11. Celia - LOL I dont think it can keep dirt away.. I know shoes that have the protector still get a bit dirty! If it totally protects things from spills and dirt.. I'd spray it everywhere! LOL And salt..?? O___O Does that mean I can spray it on myself and then I can go in the ocean?!?!! :nuts: HAHAHA (I'm allergic to the freakin' ocean and I live in HAWAII)

    Shellie - LOL we HAD to spray it to see which way the wind was going!! I didnt want to spray it in my face.. AGAIN!! :lol:

    Jeanne - Ohhh yeahh!! There's that Kiwi Protect All thing.. who was it that really recommended it?? Was it Maya?? :confused1: LOL WHY DID I SPRAY IT ON MY FORESTA BELLA??! My poor baby is smelly :cry: *smells bags again* *CHOKES* -______- Yup its still smelly. Its not as strong as before.. but you can still smell it. Maybe we have to air it out??? I dont remember this!! LOL Or did someone say we have to wait 24 hrs for it to be done?? I'm too lazy to read everything again!!
  12. :lol: youre afraid of the ocean?? hahaa yeah go try and spray that all over and hit the waters! aww your poor face got scotchgard..quick go throw some water and see if its repels! :lol:

    hmm im not sure if the stores here even have that kiwi protect all cans lol ...that why i ended up buying the shoe protector which was meant for my shoes but i ended up trying it on my denaro, im sure it helped a bit :lol:
  13. hahaha I'm not afraid of it.. just allergic to it :lol: My skin gets blotchy and sometimes it stings :push: *sigh* and I live on a freakin' island hahahaha I wonder if it would've worked if I splashed water on my face.. haha I'm not trying that now!! :lol:
  14. I think it was annie b who recommended the kiwi protect all. But yah now that you mention it ... I think someone said something about waiting 24 hours? I'm too lazy to search for and read through threads :sweatdrop:

    hmm hopefully someone else will repsond to this thread besides the 4 of us writing back and forth .. lmao :biggrin:
  15. my bad i know i didnt mean to say afraid but thats what came out of my brain :lol: poor skin..guess its sensative??

    idk about waiting for 24hrs?? just dont spray it on your adios star cuz the color will fade?? thats all i remember reading....