Stinky Bag on eBay and Seller Will NOT Accept Returns!??!

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  1. Hi everyone. I purchased a bag on eBay this week, brand new with tags, Italian leather, blah blah blah... Anyway, it arrived today and it smells so bad, I put it right back in the box! It has a very strong chemical smell, almost like gasoline or something. I think there is something wrong with it. Also, the color looks a little "off" from the picture. I contacted the seller, and she plainly writes back and says "As it states clearly in the listing: no returns, no exchanges". Hmmmm.... I paid with Paypal, and I know there is "buyer protection" thru Paypal, but I don't know how that works. This has never happened to me before; what do I do now? Try to negotiate with her, or should I just send it back delivery confirmation and open a Paypal dispute??? Would I be able to get my money back, even though she says she won't refund? I have no idea how this works. It was $300 + s&h, so I don't want to just let it go. That's ALOT of money for me. I am not a big fan of buying bags on eBay because of everything I have read here and the stories I have heard thru so many people, but it seems you can get more bag for your money on eBay if you shop smart. BUT my husband warned me, and now he's like "I told you so...". I feel like a total jerk...
    Please advise. Thanks everyone!
  2. I'm no expert on this matter but I think that you should definetly try to work it out with the seller and if she just doesn't budge, then you should file a paypal dispute within the time limit. I also think that this is a case of a misrepresented item on ebay so you can file a SNAD for that. I'm sure some of the more experienced ladies will come along and give you much better advice but I wish you luck on this matter.
  3. Yes she is right, try to work it out with her and if she doesn't budge open a snad complaint with paypal. You will then have 20 days to escalate it to a claim or not if you need to.

    Sorry this happened....there are a lot of good sellers on ebay. I buy all the time but once in a while you always get a bad one.

    Good luck
  4. If you paid with a cc, you can always make a claim with that as well. Sorry to hear about your experience.
  5. So sorry to hear about your experience. I haven't purchased much on e-bay, but I've pretty much had good luck every time. There are good sellers out there, don't let this one experience stop you. Is the shipping package damaged in any way? Could something thave happened in shipping? If so you could make a claim with the shipper.
  6. I wouldn't bother with the seller anymore, you have contacted them and they refused to work with you. Other posters have more experience with Ebay/Paypal and will be able to help more. I would be opening a SNAD claim now, before the seller has the chance to empty their account. Do not send back the item until instructed by Paypal.
  7. cooper1, is it a brand-name bag? Have you had it authenticated? Sometimes that chemical/glue smell is a clue that the bag may be fake, which would give you a much stronger case with Paypal.
  8. That's awful! I'm sorry that happened to you. I would continue to message the seller and see if she will budge. Otherwise, file a claim on Paypal for item not described. If the color is off as you described, make sure you take lots of pictures to compare against the ones in the auction. She might be more willing to work with you once she sees there's a claim against her. Good luck!
  9. This was exactly my thoughts - a long time ago l purchased a bag that had the same sort of smell it was a Louis Vuitton - from then onwards Louis Vuitton bags have always been known my my daughters and me as "Gluey Vuitton"
  10. Thanks everyone; this is really helpful.
    I know this sounds stupid, but what is a "SNAD"?
  11. Significantly Not as Described...PM me if you need help T


  12. You are always so sweet, forenfinal, thank you!
    I figured out what SNAD was when I went to Paypal and filed a dispute. Then, low and behold!!! The seller emailed me and was sweet as sugar, saying "I am so sorry you are so disappointed with your bag. Please send it back and I will be so happy to give you a full refund, and maybe I can offer you another bag from my store. I have no idea what happened with this bag". So I just emailed her back saying, "oh, I am so glad you understand..." Best to keep it sweet.
    I hate to have to open a dispute, but come on!
    Anyway, thank you all for your awesome help. I know I can always come here to discuss things with all of you.
    Have a super Sunday!
    I am happy it worked out. I am one of the lucky ones I guess. I wish everyone could be so lucky in getting their $$$ back from these kinds of things on eBay.
  13. HeHeHeHe

    Somebody didn't want a CLAIM...Good for you!!! Be sure to ship back insured and tracked (I make them sign) I don't risk the potential claim of nonreceipt...Be sure to keep all information email etc until thefunds are placed back into your account...
  14. glad you got it worked out....sometimes you need to escalate the situation before the sellers get nice...
  15. OK, the seller has received the "stinky" bag back and says nothing is wrong with it at all, this is AFTER she wrote me that she would happily refund my money including s&h and my return s&h once she received the bag back. So now she leaves me an email at 2:00 PM today saying nothing is wrong with the bag, but she will refund the money for the bag only and no s&h. I am not really happy with this since I paid $20 for Priority shipping to California (Post office ran out of flat rate boxes, which I didn't really care at the time since she said she would reimburse me) + insurance for $300 coverage, and she charged me $20 for the initial s&h. So now that's $40 I paid in s&h AND she has not even refunded the money for the bag! Her email came through at 2:00 PM today saying she was going to refund the bag only, and it is now 9:45 pm. I emailed her saying that I want the money posted in my account by tomorrow or that I would escalate the Paypal claim. Is this the right step I should be taking? Am I being too harsh? I am pretty annoyed about the whole thing....