Stingrays Killed In Revenge For Irwin Death !!

  1. [​IMG] Tuesday September 12, 09:02 AM
    [​IMG][SIZE=-2]Click to enlarge photo[/SIZE]Up to 10 stingrays have been found dead and mutilated on Australia's eastern coast since "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin was killed by one of the animals last week, a fisheries official said.
    The news has prompted concerns of revenge attacks on the normally docile fish.
    The popular television star was killed last week when a stingray barb pierced his chest as he filmed a TV show off Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
    The dead stingrays have been discovered on two beaches in Queensland state, including two that were found on Tuesday with their tails lopped off, said state fisheries department official Wayne Sumpton.
    Sumpton said fishermen who inadvertently caught the diamond-shaped rays sometimes cut off their tails to avoid being stung, but the practice was uncommon.
    Michael Hornby, executive director of Irwin's conservation group Wildlife Warriors, said he was concerned the rays were being hunted and killed in retaliation for the TV star's death. "We just want to make it very clear that we will not accept and not stand for anyone who's taken a form of retribution. That's the last thing Steve would want," he said.
  2. Holy crap, what were they thinking killing those animals?
  3. This is just not right ... I'm upset over Steve Irwin's death too but that is NO reasons to retaliate against stingrays. I mean, what kind of a twisted logic is that?
  4. OMG ...WHY????..I am so upset over his death but I never thought that anyone would kill the stingrays as act of revenge.
  5. Ugh people are taking it too far :sad:
  6. hm.. i guess ppl r thinking that they "should" kill that one stingray that killed Steve Irwin.. hmm.... how in the world would they know which one it is? the logic is not really there.. poor stingrays...
  7. That's stupid - if people can justify this, it's no wonder there are hate crimes perpetrated in retaliation for terrorist attacks.
  8. I read that this morning and if the story is true, it's very sick and cruel.

    Irwin's death was really unfortunate and rare, and I sure that if he knew what was going on, he would be horrified.
  9. I heard this on the news over here and it's very sad. This is the last thing Steve Irwin would have wanted.
  10. This is horrible... Steve Irwin loved and respected animals... He would be so upset if he knew what was happening. :sad:
  11. I've heard about this, too. I think that is just terrible. Things happen, but people shouldn't go around killing those poor stingrays like that. I, too, am upset about Steve Irwin's death, he was a great person, and like said, that is the last thing he would have wanted.
  12. I hope that isn't the case, because it's pretty ignorant. Logic should tell these people that that is the last thing he would want to happen.
  13. That is NO way to honor Steve Irwin's memory! Steve wouldn't have wanted that to happen! That's just sick and twisted! Those poor stingrays!

    Why do you think there have been all these articles and news reports along with memories of Steve Irwin saying stingrays are normally harmless? So people wouldn't go out and do something stupid and cruel and senseless to 'get some revenge.'
  14. Exactly... this would be so devastating for him :cry:
  15. That´s wrong. Steve would hate that!