Stina Lee's Saturday Night Reveal

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  1. Hi! Some of you may remember that I put myself on a ban a few months ago. To help me stick to my ban, I took a break from the forum. Way too many temptations! But I'm back... Still on a semi-ban but I have a new reveal. Anyone around?
  2. Unboxing!
  3. here!!
  4. Waiting to see what's in the box...:graucho:
  5. :woohoo:
  6. :snack::popcorn:
  7. Let's see!!!
  8. here :couch:
  9. A peak!
  10. .....
  11. Here they are! My brand new nude decollette 554!
  12. Mod shot (in sweats and bad lighting!)
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    I like them alot! Very nice nude!
  14. Thanks! I love them!
  15. I've been wondering how these look on - they're gorgeous!