Stilly's Pigalle Parade Plus!!!


Aug 20, 2008
Another stunner! Not sure how productive I'd be at work if someone wearing those boots was working near me! :smile:

Oh thanks KC!!! People still seemed to get their work done...:-s

Stylish outfit for work.:loveeyes:
Too bad the skirt reveals the stay up. Maybe tights or nothing would be more discreet!

Thanks seraphin!!! The stay up stockings were not visible except for some of these camera angles.

Those definitely are work boots, because they look perfect on you, and you always must look perfect at work. That outfit is beautiful, classic, elegant, and perfect for work. Great choice.

Those high heels complete in perfection that casual outfit. You look very elegant and charming.

Thanks so much heelsmodels!!! :heart:

WOW what a look, such sexy boots. Even a glimpse of stocking tops

Thanks Neil!!!

The boots are quiet an distraction.... but having a coworker with this mini and the stay-ups is absolutely impossible to reach any businesses targets:smile:!

Oh thanks so much Mitterman!!! Surprisingly business did seem to carry on despite my distracting boots...:shocked:
For Casual Friday, black jeans, a peplum blazer and my Platine/Black Glitter Floque/Suede Iriza 120's. By request as I normally wouldn't pair this fancy a shoe with a casual outfit. The glitter silver is much brighter in person...:smile:
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Love the peplum blazer, and the leggings and the Irizas and your feet and you legs and the bracelet and ....whole thing, lol!
Lovely all black outfit and a very cute toeclevage! The thin straps look lovely!

I'm pretty sure you brightened up everyone's day with this outfit! Spring has come!
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You look beautiful all in black. The Uptown model is also beautiful and very classic. Great choice.

It's cold and still winter, but you are showing a spring outfit, with bright and beautiful colors. The high heels match perfect with mini skirt. You look amazing, very elegant and very sexy.
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