Stilly's Pigalle Parade Plus!!!

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  1. And today for Casual Friday, Black Patent Iriza 120's with my new skinny pants...:smile:
    IMG_5773.JPG IMG_5785.JPG IMG_5803.JPG IMG_5809.JPG IMG_5797.JPG IMG_5777.JPG IMG_5804.JPG IMG_5771.JPG IMG_5805.JPG IMG_5810.JPG
  2. That is really more than lovely!
  3. Love those Irizas, Stilly!!
  4. Papaya colour is distinctive, love the poses showing how confident you are!
    Skinny with Irizas are totally irresistible as always, can't resist the close shots showing the arc!
    Would love to see outfits with Iriza more often, or with other colours e.g. Nude and Stellar!
  5. Stilly they make a very similar style with a 120mm heel called the Wonder Pump.
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    You are awesome, gorgeous and very sexy, where you match so well 3 my favorites colors, black, white and grey. It's a very elegant and classic style for a Casual Friday. Your outfit can be considered casual, but in my opinion is one of the most classic, elegant and beautiful outfits, even not showing your legs, that you showed here. Your skinny classic pants show your amazing legs shape and finally, your Black Patent Iriza make an amazing final touch. The Iriza model are one of the best models for arch feet lovers. It's easy to see your feet's arch with them on your feet. But I prefer to watch you with this outfit and Hot Chicks.
    I also liked to see you with floral minidress and Papaya Iriza high heels, but this last outfit delighted me so much.
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  9. Can you do me a big favor love ? My b/f bought me another pair of my favorite hot chicks for christmas and we are trying to decide how to make them even more special and gorgeous. As soon as I saw these lucifer pics it hit me - I want to put this same spikes design on my hot chicks with a little difference. I want the spikes to be much longer and much sharper! Anyway if you could do a couple pics looking straight down at the toes of those gorgeous lucifer pumps it would be a big help to my b/f to get the spikes on right. Thank you in advance love.
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  10. I do so love reading your replies and little stories Racquel. I have been a Hot Chick convert for almost 2 years now. I don't think I could ever go back down to 120's but they do look so cute on lots of other girls. Hope you have a wonderful and HIGH 2019 !
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    Thanks so much Christina, you're such a sweetie (like Stilly). So down to earth, but just ragin'/killin' it with ultra sexy high heels! You need to start posting some pics, we're all DYING to see your outfits.

    I've been enjoying my new buy, black-kid/black-patent/black-suede Eklectica 120 (So Kate shape with 3-way layered materials..see attached pic). When I switch over to the Hot CHick 120 (black patent), the contrast is STUNNING! You need a lower heel (say 120) to feel the "transition"

    Been working hard (like you and Stilly), on a whim I did some searching. Found a black/silver Eklectica 120!! In a another thread, I was lusting after this color.. OMG, it's being sent to me, arrival next Monday!! I'm in "Stilly territory", the shoes keep ROLLING IN!!

    "This girl [ Stilly and Christina2, also Patty ] is on FIRE!"
    ..Alicia Keys hit song

    Yes, I was on the front row in Planet Hollywood (Las Vegas) when she belted out this song. Will post video, the new signature video for Hot Chick ladies!

    Stilly: "I'm a volcano!"
    DBF: "Excuse me?"
    Stilly:"My Passion for high-heels is Exploding, I"M HAVING A BLAST!"
    DBF: "I'm not sure I signed up for this.."

    ^^^ Christina, you need to add your signature emotional description, e.g. "tingling sensation" when wearing Hot Chicks

    Christina: "I'm a firecracker!"
    DBF: "Excuse me?"
    Christina: "I'm tingling/sparkling, ready to GO OFF!"
    DBF: "Let me know when you're ready.."

    There are some HOT transgirls in the same mood, see pics. 1st similar to a classic Stilly "sass" pose (Zing!). 2nd one is classic harlotry ("I was born ready") Some tortured souls ("born into a boy's body"), finally "changing the body to fit the mind"!! Emancipation embodied.

    it's great to see genetic girls [ Stilly and Christina ] who haven't lost the passion, many simply take their femininity for granted.
    DpJOoRbW4AAI4n8.jpg 6g.jpg 20z.jpg
  12. Thanks MBB!!! :smile:
  13. Thanks so much Debbi!
    They are one of my favs!
  14. Thanks nidaodi!
    Don't worry...there will be more Irizas to come!