Stilly's Pigalle Parade Plus!!!

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  1. Racquel, I completely agree with you. I love seeing a woman in high heels and the higher and thinner they are, the more elegant and sexy the woman gets.

    You're quite right when you mention that most women complain about high heels because they cause pain in their feet, so I always say that high heels are not for any ordinary woman, but for true goddesses. A woman in high heels, always shows more elegance, sensuality and confidence.

    Some men do not know how to appreciate or enjoy a woman in high heels. Everything about her is beauty, from the way she walks, spreading sensuality to the way she sits and when she crosses her legs, then the moment becomes magical. I simply delighted myself to enjoy a woman in high heels without having to touch her.

    Unfortunately many men never show respect for ladies and it embarass me. Women must be respected and appreciated, not just been used the way some men want.
  2. I always love to know that some true high heels women keep wearing them for their daily routines and avoid flat or low heels. Those ones are the true Queens or Divas.
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  4. So how did the other girls then handle the shoes? Did they even fit on them? How did the inexperienced girls handle the height? I really would like to hear some more details.

  5. I think that currently women have become a bit lazy to get ready and especially to wear shoes that enhance their femininity. here in Mexico City it is very unlikely to see women very well dressed and especially with heels (let's not talk about sky heels anymore, I'm talking about kitten heels hehehe), why is this? the answer could be very wide and diverse, analyzing each one of the particularities would make us introduce ourselves in their daily habits and at the end of each conversation, in each of the cases, they would end up putting the supposed comfort first. I will always be one of those strange women who does not feel any pain (because for me this pain is almost imperceptible because I use high heels since I was 15 years old).
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  6. Lazy could be one point or comfort another and the most likely excuse, you are right when you say women enhance their femininity and I think we are all loosing the point trying to dress like men so much, high heels make us feel good and make us stand out as femine, I do hope fashion turns around soon to promote females being feminine again.
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  7. Thanks racq!
    You always have some interesting points of view.
    I know you love your Hot Chicks but I didn't know you had such had a huge colllection!
  8. Thanks Mr. Loub! Its actually my 5th pair of Imperas but I'm impressed you've been keeping count.
    It was fun as some of the girls took a turn at modeling the Hot Waves. They certainly are a challenge though if you haven't worn them before especially if you're wobbly after a few drinks. It was all in good fun though...
  9. I couldn't agree more annamoon!!!
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  10. From Casual Friday this week, Black Patent Hot Chicks with a touch of plaid...:smile:
    IMG_6034.JPG IMG_6071.JPG IMG_6046.JPG IMG_6056.JPG IMG_6060.JPG IMG_6063.JPG IMG_6040.JPG IMG_6051.JPG IMG_6037.JPG IMG_6070.JPG
  11. Love your outfit! It's obviously not too cold for you. Short skirts and bare legs.
  12. I love dressing up, dresses and heels are what I wear almost every day. And it doesn't hurt that my DH compliments me constantly about how I dress.

    And knowing he loves seeing me in heels, doesn't hurt either. :graucho:
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  13. I totally agree with you. A woman in heels always enhances her femininity and sensuality, but many of them complains about the feet pain while they are wearing high heels. A woman don't need to be very well dressed to enhance her femininity ans sensuality, sometimes a casual outfit with high heels enhances it naturally. In my opinion, high heels do all the diference.
    I appreciate a woman in high heels, well dressed or with casual clothes and I admire very much all women that love to wear high heels daily, even know that they cause feet pain, but they prefer to show their elegance, sensality and power. A high heels woman is always a powerful woman.
    About sky high heels... 5" heels can be a sky high heels for some women and kitten heels for others. But I think you are referring about the extreme heels, like 7" or 8" single sole, that even an experienced high heeled woman barely can walk on them.
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