Stilly's Pigalle Parade Plus!!!

  1. My new loves...Love Me 120s in Black Patent and Nude

    I love my Lovas so much I couldn't resist these.
    The little bows are so cute...
    rsz_img_8789.jpg rsz_img_8791.jpg rsz_img_8792.jpg rsz_img_8794.jpg
  2. Aww, the Love Me heels are so sweet :cloud9: I can't wait to see how you style these!
  3. So cute! How close are these to the Lova?
  4. Gorgeous stilly! I can't wait to see them on and how you pair them!

  5. I love the "Love Me's" too! Can't wait for the modeling pics!
  6. They are amazing, congrats!!:love: Which material are made in the area near the bow?
  7. Congrats! They are sooo cute!! Can´t wait to see mod pics...
  8. They're so GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see you in them stilly! Makes me want them more :drool:
  9. gorgeous!!!
  10. Unbelievable sexy. I will wait to see you wearing them. :smile:
  11. Thanks so much fumi, beagly, DebbiNC, 9distelle, martinaa, char91, LuluBleueNuit & Obelix!!!
    Mod pics to come...
  12. Thanks annie!!!

    These are almost identical to the Lovas but the front is a light opaque mesh instead of the leopard or pony hair on the Lovas and it shows just a hint of your toes.

    I just love them!!! :cloud9:
  13. Some close-up mod pics of my new Black Patent Love Me 120s ;)
    rsz_img_8800.jpg rsz_img_8797.jpg rsz_img_8803.jpg rsz_img_8801.jpg rsz_img_8796.jpg rsz_img_8804.jpg rsz_img_8798.jpg rsz_img_8805.jpg rsz_img_8802.jpg rsz_img_8799.jpg
  14. They are very cute Stilly! Please post some model pics!
  15. Stilly, thanks for the modeling pics! I really love these shoes. Now, one question: How do they feel in relation to a brand new pair of Pigalles? (Inquiring minds want to know!):biggrin:

    These may have to be added to my wish list!