Stilly's Other Collections - Anouks, Casadei's and Boots, Boots, Boots!!!

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  1. Fuss Schuhe brand has an amazing and sexy boots and shoes.
  2. Thanks Mr. Loub!
    It was a little too cold to go with bare legs that day.
    I'll have to see if I can dig out the other Rosa shoes/boots...
  3. Thanks Stilettos Fan!!!
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  4. I actually have a couple of pairs of shoes and boots from Fuss Schuhe...
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  5. My new Lead (Dark Gray) Suede Casadei Blade Over The Knee Boots...:smile:
    IMG_6482.JPG IMG_6427.JPG IMG_6438.JPG IMG_6419.JPG IMG_6441.JPG IMG_6448.JPG IMG_6433.JPG IMG_6484.JPG IMG_6426.JPG IMG_6440.JPG
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  6. Please, show us here your Fuss Schuhe collection. I'm a big fan of that brand and I bet you must be fantastic and sexy with them on your feet.
  7. Oh my I am drooling seeing that Fuss Schuhe collection, what did I miss.
    Guess I will order a pair of their pumps soon.
  8. The lead suede Casadei OTK boots are stunning!
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  9. It seems to be cold outside but you seems to be warm, even showing part of your legs. You look prepared for that weather, always beautiful and sexy. I love your boots, they are so classic and elegant and your outfit finishes with scarf, the final touch that i really love in you.
  10. I'm not even sure I can find them. The best pair I have is the black patent mules which have to be close to a 130mm heel...
  11. Thanks Lav!
    I do love dark gray and over the knee boots are perfect for cold, winter days...
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  12. These over the knee boots are super warm and pretty comfy. The sweater dress however was a bit short for a chilly day. The scarf helped though...
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  13. amazing boots
    the heel 120mm or 130mm ?
    I went to rose shoes web found they also provide "Little Black Hobble Skirt" which is so elegance
    It will be prefect match your heels,as such a elegance l
    ady maybe your should try :flowers:
  14. Perfect darling we have the same boots aren't they fab to wear so sexy