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Can you wear a pair of 1969 high heels pumps soon?

Yes I'll have to dig them out of storage...

Saint Laurent also offers minimalist sandals that I find nice!
What do you think about it ?
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I love this style seraphin but I'd prefer them in leather instead of satin. I find satin just gets too stained and dirty over time.
I've been buying most of my Saint Laurent shoes from the consignment sites lately as the prices on Saint Laurent shoes have really gone up.

For me is too minimalist, they look nice and sexy but walking in them could create a big challenge.

Thanks luiza! They are a challenge to walk in but I love the bare style.
You look amazing, gorgeous, very elegant and sexy. Black outifts are one of my favorites and those boots are simply stunning with very thin golden heels.

A fresh look but always showing elegance, charm and style.

Thanks heelsmodels!!!

Really like the heel on those boots!

Beautiful outfit. That dress is gorgeous!!

Thanks Mieri!!!

Yay, boot season isn’t over quite yet!!

Thanks KC!!! Maybe there are still a few more boot days left...:noworry:
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Love them! Don’t know about you though but I can never last too long in this type before my feet get way too hot.

Now the weather is improving, any chance your gorgeous Zanotti Harmony sandals and Darsey mules can come out to play again?