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Aug 20, 2008
It's so great that you couldn't resist to buy them... i didn't imagine that these were made for walking:smile:!

Thanks Mitterman!!! I think they were made with short walks only in mind...

Those ankle strap sandals are pure sensuality. Your feet look perfect in them.
As you said, to walk on it is challenging, but they are so beautiful. I bet you can handle with it easily.

Thanks heelsmodels!!! No these were actually very challenging to walk with the combination of the thin heel and thin straps that offer no support. I managed though...:amuse:

Nice heels!! Dose the toes hurt when walking?
I think Katie Biltoft mules most fabulous. Maybe you should have one~~

Thanks borbie!!! I love the style of the Katie Biltoft mules but I wish they offered them in a kid leather rather than metallics or suedes. Maybe they'll do something special if I ask. I do like the leopard and denim mules.

These look fabulous. What is the height? They look more than the 120 they claim.

Thanks Porsha! These are labeled as 120mm but are actually closer to 135mm when I measured them.

My GOD! Your feet are sooo beautiful! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Thanks Meghan!!!
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Sep 24, 2019
My new white bare sandals from Femme LA. These are very similar to the Katie Biltoft sandals I posted last week but they're a faux kid leather with a slightly shorter heel. These are much easier to walk in, more comfortable and one third the price of the Katie Biltoft sandals.

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You look stunning as usual. All your outfit's options are always amazing.