still worth to buy or out of style 2016

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  1. hey guys
    I'm thinking of buying my first bal city bag.

    i fell in love with balenciaga many yeaes ago when nicole richie and vanessa hudgens carried them.

    but now I don't see many celebs with balenciaga bags anymore

    what do you think?
  2. I say if it's a bag you love then go ahead and buy it! I never care what bags celebs wear anyway but we're all different....:amuse:some care and some don't. The only reason I look at photos of celebs with their bags is to see what the bag looks like when being carried.
  3. It's fun when I see a celebrity carrying something I like/own, but it's very driven by what I like, not by the fact they're carrying [insert bag/style]. At this point Balenciaga is more like a staple than an "it" bag--celebrities get this stuff free because there's no price a luxury brand can put on the marketing power of Kim, Kylie or Kendall being photographed with their stuff. With an influx of the latest and greatest everything constantly showing up on their doorstep, it's no surprise celebs aren't as frequently carrying Balenciaga. But for how "old" moto bags are, there are still a pretty impressive number of celebs toting them around, and I feel like maybe when they do, it's by choice, not because they just got it free or are getting paid to get photographed with it. My fave pics are when you see a current photo of a celeb carrying what is obviously an old beat up Bal... then you know it's love for real.
  4. Great insight here! Some celebs care more than others about the bag they're carrying or whether or not it's the current "favorite" bag of the moment. As always it boils down to carry what you love!
  5. Magnificent !! :graucho:;)

  6. Didn't work though ;) :wondering
  7. I see plenty of celebs wearing them... even the relevant bloggers which are just as much of a reference!
  8. Personally, I have always associated the Balenciaga 'moto' style bag with someone who is more of an individual .. not concerned about what the celebs/bloggers are wearing, but one where the style fits their lifestyle. Personally, while I like the design of Celine and Chloe, those bags scream 'TREND' to me and given that I have a tendency to carry too much to begin with, my arm would be aching from carrying one of those bags. I wouldn't buy a bag simply because a bunch of celebs or bloggers wear it, but that is me ..
  9. Agree completely! Well said.......:smile: