Still Worth It For a LV?

  1. My husband I were recently browsing at a Louis Vuitton boutique and discussing the purses. He thought they were really great looking and while I agreed I wasn't sure if it is still a great "wow" purse brand to get because of all the rip offs (from swap meet to high end). Thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Just as long as your bag is real, that's all that matters! Who cares if a random stranger thinks your bag is fake or looks at your funny when they see the bag you're carrying... you didn't purchase a fabulous handbag just to please them, right?

    If you're still on the fence about LV, I say start off when a logo-less bag like something from the Epi, Suhali, Antigua, or Damier line.
  3. Agreed!! I don't care whether others think my LV is fake or not. I buy them to please me. I think after you buy one, you won't care either. You'll be in love!!
  4. I agree that the true question is whether you would be buying the bag for you or for the random strangers. You mention "a great 'wow' purse brand" and that implies that you are seeking a brand to impress others. No purchase is a good one unless YOU love the bag, regardless of brand or what others think.
  5. I agree with HauteMama. Buy something that you love.
  6. Sorry, I should have clarified I guess. I want something that will stand the test of time for me, not to impress others. I just worry that all the knock offs take away from the classic aspect of the brand. All good points!
  7. I don't know of a premium designer label that doesn't have knock offs. We see celebs carrying counterfeit Balenciaga's, Chanel, Hermes, LV, etc. . . . all the time.
    Buy what YOU love, don't worry about the fakes.

    Yes, LV is still worth it:yes:
  8. While anything and everything can be faked, the demand for - and appreciation of - authentic luxury pieces like LV endures. If you love it, you'll wear it and appreciate it and the question of fakes will seem irrelevant.
  9. Yes, it's still worth it! My LV's make me smile! I've been a fan for years and knowing that I've worked hard in school to get a good job and finally have the money to treat myself every now and then is a great feeling. Plus the bags are fabulous and LV never goes out of style!

    And I agree with the above posters, I wear my bags for me not anyone else. Who cares what people think? The bags should make you happy that's all. Get one!
  10. I agree. As long as you love your bag that's all that matters. You know it's real so who cares about anyone else. Besides you don't want to carry a bag for other people, you carry it for your own love and enjoyment!
  11. i wpuld have tp say in ways i have become less drawn to LV b/c of style wise design and teh arrogance of some of the new money people who are carrythign these bags.. LV is not as timeless IMO as many say ... i think overal it is def worth it to purchase a piece that you feel u will get the most use out of and that speak to your core personality and lifestyle just do nto purchase a label b/c well i should own a piece of so annd so and other such ... i mean it is your money and you have to bare the burden of carrying it around.... i say def look aroudn at all the countless labels than set ur sights on oen that really speaks to you and if it is LV than pick it up .... if not that is alright also ... that si why we have all these labels for all the differences we have
  12. If you buy what you are drawn to, and not worry about fakes, whatever decision you make with a designer bag will be a good one. With LV, you are paying for quality and a bag that will last many years. Some PFers have had LV bags for over twenty years--the best part--those bags still look great and can be carried today.
  13. I kind of agree with this.

    To the OP, check out other designers as well before making your decision. But if you really want to get LV, then try a line that isn't as widely faked as the monogram, like the Damier, the Epi, etc.
  14. i actually pulled my mono speedy out of the closet for today! i love it! my mom had her first speedy for like 25-30 yrs (and still uses it!) so i would call that timeless. and i think that speaks to the quality of lv too. sometimes i m annoyed bc i had my lv stuff b4 it became the cool thing. i use my speedy less then i used to, but i think there will come a time where i will again use it at every opportunity.
  15. I think it is frustrating that there are so many fakes, and I do think it cheapens the label somewhat, at least for the monogram. On the other hand, I think it is a classic brand with a long history. How many other styles such as the Speedy have endured for so many years? Several of the classic LV bags will still be fashionable years from now, which you can't say about a lot of "It" bags.