Still waiting . . .

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  1. Sigh. . . :girlsigh: Sob. . . :crybaby:

    Don't know how much longer I can hold on! :sweatdrop:

    Still waiting for my Sloane Crossbody from the sale in December! (as well as the New Year sale Jinhee I ordered!) It seems like you all have moved on and I'm (sob). . . still (sob). . . (sob) waiting. . . . . .

    Anyone else still waiting? :girlsigh:
  2. ohh mine just have started to come (in BC as well) so yours should be soon :smile:
  3. I know the feeling...
  4. Aw, I'm sorry... hang in there. It'll be so much fun when it finally does arrive! :hugs:
  5. I'm too impatient, so I just get stuff shipped to WA and pick it up myself :smile: .
  6. Thanks for your sympathies, Seto, tonij2000,& fafnir! I know I shouldn't whine, but gee, I'm bad at exercising my patience!! (I should be grateful I have anything coming at all! Right?)
    Good idea sirene! - You must live near the border.
  7. My order hasn't shipped yet. I'm from BC too.
  8. mushybear, have you been waiting since December too?
    Sheesh! Huh? :rolleyes:
    I ordered some amber jewellry,all the way from Lithuania, on the same day that I ordered from HH and guess what? Yep, have received the order from Lithuania!!!

    Where did I put my patience . . . patience . . . patience . . .:P
  9. I'm about 30 mins from Pt. Roberts, as long as the tunnel doesn't get jammed up. The only downside to getting it shipped to a receiving company there is they charge you a fee for every package and sometimes my orders (not HH) have gotten split up, which is a pain. Still, my stuff comes in the half the time than if I sent it here.

    If you don't mind driving, you should really consider it! There are a ton of companies in WA, you can PM me and I can give the info I have.
  10. Are all of you Canadians like me... customs seems to be tearing open every single parcel that comes through! It makes the shipping take more than double the normal time! Crazy!
  11. ^^^ Yes, and they are charging duty on almost everything, even packages where the total is around the US$100 mark. Until now, I've found they'd let packages under about $200 go. If I do this again next year, I'm going to keep a spreadsheet of the US-dollar price, the shipping, the exchange rate, the duty and the order and receipt dates just to see what's really going on. I suspect seeing it laid out like that would be very sobering. Might help build a business case for an actual trip to the mothership.

    BTW, don't you love their "tamper-proof" tape :P

    Temo, I feel your pain. But the time I get my stuff, there are two new sale threads with about 15 or 20 pages of convo already. Would seem silly to revive an old thread to say: Hey, guys, my stuff finally came.
  12. Maybe there should be a separate thread for celebrating arrivals for those on a delayed shipping schedule? Seems a shame for you not to enjoy the full victory dance!