Still waiting...starting to feel sad...


Aug 28, 2006
I called customer service and she tracked it and said it was delivered and signed for on 12/14. I checked around my house (inside and out) and couldn't find it. I asked her to verify my address and....IT WAS SENT TO A PERSON IN CALIFORNIA WITH THE SAME NAME AS ME!!!! I double-checked my credit card statement and sure was billed to me!! I'm now waiting for a reply from CS (they needed to verify the info on their side) but in the mean time I don't know whether to laugh, cry or barf!

What happens next? Will LV make this up to me or just ship out my bag and say, "sorry"?? I think I need to first LV and I can't even enjoy it yet....
Oh My Gosh! I am so sorry! Thank heavens you kept checking on it! Well that person who signed for it got a great bag! They will send you a new one and it should be rushed delivery. I just had this happen with Sephora. I received items that were not mine? Who knew where mine were? I called and returned the unwanted items and they shipped mine immediately. I received mine in 2 days. Hope this goes as smooth for you!:yes:


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Aug 6, 2006
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I had ordered an small azur agenda from the downtown Seattle store (I live 35 miles from it but wasn't going to be going there for awhile) The SA took my name and card number on a Wednesday - charged me $20 to ship the thing 35 miles - and I received it the following Friday. 9 days and 20 dollars to go 35 miles - I noticed the ship date was 3 days after I had ordered it. I learned my lesson and won't be lazy next time I want something from downtown...
:amazed: Oh my goodness, i am so sorry PursePrincessAmy! It's a relive knowing LV will get ur item ASAP, yet the mistake they made is something that will make me think twice about having an item ship to me, and i can totally feel how annoying the 'brush off' LV gave you :sad:
Yes, do inform LV regarding how unhappy you are, we pay big bucks yet the service is just......%^()*%&. Somehow the S&H issue has gone downhill these days.....A lot of TPF on Chanel board also have the same problem too :mad:


Jul 8, 2006
10$ is always for fedex ground. Fedex contracts out other carriers to ship there pakckages ground, thus it can be a bit of an annoyance.

2nd, fedex has cutoff dates for packages that need to be sent overnight, so im assuming the cut off was passed, thus the packaged can be shipped monday for tuesdays delivery. next time, expect it to take 4-5 business days from CA to WI, easily.

also, the same thing happend to me twice. Items were sent to an address other then the billing, the merchant files a claim with fedex, fedex goes to the persons house etc etc, if they cant retrieve the merchadise back, the driver pays for it.


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Sep 19, 2006
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I spoke with the Assistant Manager and she is sending me a new bag overnight but since FedEx doesn't pick up until Monday, I won't receive it until Tuesday. They are giving me my $10 back (for shipping) but that is all they offered. I got the store manager's name and I plan on writing her a letter but I'm guessing that it isn't going any further. I'm really disappointed by this as I'm sure if I were someone more important I'd get different treatment. They were nice enough to me but didn't seem too concerned about making it "right". What ticks me off is they probably wrote off the other bag as I'm sure they'd be too embarassed to contact the other gal and ask for it back. Lucky her to get a free LV!!
Well at least it got straighten out. I have found in the past LV is not really big on apology gifts or compensation.

On a side note the other gal in CA, may very well get the bag for free..there is a state law here if you are sent something without ordering it you are under no obligation to pay for it or return it.

They can ask her to, and she may...but she doesn't have to.