Still waiting...starting to feel sad...

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  1. Last Thursday (over a week ago) I ordered my first LV, a Damier Azur Pochette, from the Rodeo Drive boutique. The SA assured me that it would be mailed out that evening. I know it is the holiday season and that I live 1/2 way across the country (Wisconsin) from California, but I seriously thought I'd at least get it by Thursday. Now I'm starting to worry and wonder. Should I call the boutique back or should I contact 866? I know it will get figured out eventually but I really, really want my bag!!! :shrugs:
  2. Maybe you should ask them if they know what's happening to it, and try to get tracking information?
  3. call them... what do you have to lose??

    but i think its just the christmas mail season slowing up on you, and its super stormy here in southern california, and some flights may have been cancelled..
  4. Yes call them, and ask them where the heck your azur pochette is!
  5. Well, I called 866 (to get the boutique number) and she said she couldn't help me since they didn't place the order. She gave me the number to the boutique but when I called I received a message saying that they were closed (for another half hour) so now I just need to be patient and wait. I'm not sure how it was sent but hopefully not FedEx because I always seem to have a problem with them. They don't ever seem to deliver my things to me. Somehow my neighbors (and not on the same street!) seem to get them at their homes even when I am at home! Yeesh! Cross your fingers for me that one of my neighbors isn't currently enjoying a brand-new LV!! :smile:
  6. I know the two times I've ordered from different LV locations (Michigan and New York), the items were sent Fed Ex. If it your Pochette was sent Fed Ex ground, it probably will take a little longer than a week. Did they quote you a price for shipping? Hope you get the tracking number soon.
  7. Good luck I hope you will get it soon, no harm to call rodeo drive store again ..
  8. I was quoted $10 for shipping (shortly after that eLux had it back online!). She said "ground" but I forgot to ask if she meant FedEx. I'm sure that is it. Oh well, I'll guess I'll just have to practice patience!

  9. I'll definitely call! Just need to wait for them to open!
  10. Since patience isn't my thing, I checked out the FedEx website and they claim that ground shipping is 1 to 5 days. Obviously that means business days so I guess I really thought it would be here by now. UGH! The wait is killing me!! :yucky:
  11. Don't worry, it's probably already on it's way to you! Fed ex would have left a notice at your door if they missed you. Just get the tracking number from the store so you can track your baby!
  12. I hope your problem is resolved. FEDEX claimed to deliver my package today. I was home all day. No sticker, not a peep from anyone. It could be something funny going on in FEDEX. The funny thing is, the pochette is under the 500 limit, so no signature is required. I am so upset. Maybe they shoudl start requring signatures for all LV items.
    Good luck
  13. Good luck. I know how hard it is to wait for something.
  14. I called customer service and she tracked it and said it was delivered and signed for on 12/14. I checked around my house (inside and out) and couldn't find it. I asked her to verify my address and....IT WAS SENT TO A PERSON IN CALIFORNIA WITH THE SAME NAME AS ME!!!! I double-checked my credit card statement and sure was billed to me!! I'm now waiting for a reply from CS (they needed to verify the info on their side) but in the mean time I don't know whether to laugh, cry or barf!

    What happens next? Will LV make this up to me or just ship out my bag and say, "sorry"?? I think I need to first LV and I can't even enjoy it yet....
  15. Oh my gosh...what a terrible mistake on their side! How does THAT happen?! Didn't they check with you your address before shipping it?!
    That is their fault and they have to fix it...please keep us updated.