Still waiting for my corn =( How long have you had to wait?

  1. Im like this atm:sad:, i brought my cornflower on the 4th June and its still not here! Tracking still says its en route!
    Im soo peed that its taking soo long! I was hoping it was going to be here before I go away!

    Please cheer me up girls! Im scared I wont like it now because ive waited for soooo long!

    Whats the longest you have ever had to wait for a bag? xx
  2. Aww, I'm sorry. It sucks to wait!
    As for the longest I've had to wait- many of you will recall the now-epic saga of the Aqua Work (yes, Danae, AquaQork). It was shipped from BalNY by 3-day Fedex Ground to Toronto and arrived nearly three weeks later at my door.
  3. What country are you in and where is it coming from via which service. Im in the UK and sometimes usps global priority is slow although express is usually fast!
  4. ^im in the UK, and its coming from Canada! I have received bags in 1 week from the US x
  5. I think it is stuck at UK customs. Lately, many tPFers have been experiencing long delays at UK customs (long delays for UK government services seems the norm!)
  6. Well..if you are able to track it, then the only way it could have been sent is with Expresspost, which is 5-7 business days service standard to the UK. Which means that yes, it is stuck at Customs.
  7. OMG, I bought a shirt for my DH off eBay from a seller in Canada and it took like 6 weeks to get to California.

    Hang tight sweetie, it will get to you!! :yes:
  8. Well, depending on the service used and customs it could take up to 2 weeks to arrive (longer if held at customs). USPS Global Priority usually takes 8 business days. Global Express 3-5 business days.

    I shipped a bag I sold on eBay to Russia from Florida on June 13th via USPS Express. It's suppose to only be 8 business days. I checked tracking on it today and it says it's being processed by customs. Not sure what that means...perhaps your bag is going through the same thing?
  9. ^ eugh its soo annoying! I have never had this problem before!! 6 weeks!!
    Well I suppose I have got something to look forward to on my way back from holiday! Hopefully it will be here by then!
  10. Waiting is torture!!
    I hope it gets there very soon!
  11. I have been waiting for 6 weeks as well, from the US to Denmark.. If customs gets hold of you purchase, the process can be looong.. Hope you will get your bag soon!!!!