Still waiting for my call.............

  1. I waitlisted for a metallic navy reissue in size 228 back in Oct 2007 (#2 on the list), I'm still waiting for the call from my SA............. it seems like a long wait and hoping the call will come in soon. After seeing all the beautiful reissues, it makes me :crybaby: that I haven't receive mine!! Just want to know is there anyone out there still waiting for their navy reissue in 228?????
  2. waiting for a 228 in black metallic!!
  3. I'm still *wishing* for a reissue... lol. Hope you get the call soon! Try (politely) hounding the SAs a little!!
  4. 228? Can I ask where you waitlisted? I'm waitlisted for 227 at NM but I'm dying for 228!

    Oh matter-of-fact ... I just realized.... I GOT the call today!!!!!!!!! Geez, I must be on drugs ... i have to run to my NM and see it!
  5. The 226s and 228s still haven't come in at my boutique yet, and I am still waitlisted. I know the wait is hard, but they're trickling in.
  6. my 227 is on the way, can't wait!! yah.......
  7. Try calling Chanel Ala Moana. (808)942-5555. I remember my SA briefly mentioned to me they ordered several 228's, not sure which colors but I assume navy is one of them since she said they already received a few. My SA is Judy Chin but I don't think she works on Tuesdays.
  8. thanks for you infomration Missisa, but I'm not in the States, I live in Toronto Canada.:sad: So just wondering, did any of you in Canada received your Navy???
  9. Try calling Delyse from Saks Troy,MI. I was waitlisted for a 228 Navy but had to cancel because I got my 227 from Chanel Houston.
  10. waiting for a 227 dark silver (that BF said he'd pay for, so I'm sure he's hoping they DON'T call, LOL)

    -supposedly I was #2 on the list... but I'm worried because I've seen a lot of PF-ers snag their DS 227's recently!

    missisa, if you don't mind me asking... from your personal experience, does the Chanel @ Ala Moana get a lot of stock in harder to find items? (e.g. Reissues!) and if so, how readily are they available? Because if so... I'm making that my new charge-send go-to (LOL) -TIA!!
  11. Metallic reissue score all the way, wuld love to see everyone's pic when u receive ur own reissue....:smile:
  12. ugh. still waiting for my call too- Navy 228
  13. so seems like no one get their Navy 228 in the US and Canada yet (except for 227)!!! That makes me feel a bit:smile:. Thanks.............
  14. waiting for the 227 dark red reissue. Just called today and was told they are in route. so, hopefully soon:yahoo: