Still waiting for my bag

  1. It got sent out last Saturday. Where is it? :/ Saks is slow! Should I be worried?
  2. They didn't give u a tracking number?
  3. ^ No. Should I call and ask for one?
  4. If you ordered it online, then you should be able to access your orders online and track your package. But depending on how far the package has to travel, it can take a week for the package to get to you if it's shipped ground. You should contact customer service and track the package just in case.
  5. This isn't online. It's a phone order from a store.
  6. You can still call them and get the tracking number. I called the Saks I ordered my reporter from and talked to customer service dept. and they gave me a tracking number for Fedex. I think they even looked it up to see where my package was. All I gave them was my cc info that I used to purchase the bag.
  7. I doubt it was sent on a Saturday. It was probably shipped to you the following Monday if you called and ordered it on a Saturday. Definitely contact the store and ask for a tracking number. You don't even have to speak directly to your s/a - ask for the shipping department and someone there can look up your information.
  8. I agree that the order was probably not packed and shipped until Monday if it was placed over the weekend.
  9. Saks sends by ground so it may be pretty slow. They mailed out a package on 6/1 and I didn't get it until late on 6/6 and they were in the next state.