Still waiting for delivery...

  1. Okay, so I buy an 'authentic' Gucci bag last week on eBay. Subsequently I find out from knowledgeable purse forum members that it is in fact a fake - so it will be going back as soon as it arrives.

    The seller says she posted it on Monday 15th October. Now we are Saturday 20th October and it has still not showed up. Seller claims it must have been delayed because of the Royal Mail postal strikes.....

    Does this sound plausible? Are packages still being held up? Or is it yet more nonsense from what appears to be an untrustworthy seller.....
  2. I receieved this morning a bag I paid for yesterday morning!!

    I brought 7 items over the strike period and all have been recieved, the items I brought after the strike period actually got to me quicker!
    I am waiting for one item form the 6th Oct she is saying she posted it and it must be the strikes- I dont believe her, I am giving it to monday and then putting in a paypal claim!

  3. These people drive me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. To be fair alot of things I have posted out were delayed - I went to the post office one day last week and they weren't taking any items in apart from Special Delivery, and even those were not guaranteed as normal.
  5. There is this- but the buyer above has brought a fake bag and is already dealing with a dodgy seller - so unfortunatly its periods like this where they tend to cash in and sometimes disapear!

    It isnt going to hurt anyone to put a paypal claim in, if the item arrives next week you can always cancel the claim.

    Plus the bag you brought was near the £200 mark so to be fully covered the seller should have sent it special delivery- have you asked for a tracking number?
  6. Same here - I shipped last week & was warned about the strikes, they hadn't the slightest idea how long the delivery may take.

    You say it's a fake bag - maybe you should wait then with the INR dispute, as you may need to open a counterfeit-claim soon anyway; I don't know if it's possible to have two claims on the same item?

  7. As designermummy mentioned above, the bag turns out to be fake so I'm doubly nervous now, the seller has already lied about the authenticity so is more than likely lying about the postage of the item too.

    I have opened a dispute with paypal but not escalated it to a claim yet - you have a good point though, does anybody know if I close the dispute regarding postage (if it arrives!) then open another one due to it being a fake??????????????????
  8. By the way - the seller said she is 'away for a few days' so can't provide tracking details. She told me to be patient for a few days longer. Now call me cynical, but I'm suspicious that she's waiting for her recent items to be paid for by paypal so she can withdraw the funds and have nothing left in her account to be refunded. Sigh.
  9. I sold an item to a buyer in the UK that was shipped in the UK by registered post and it has still not been received so it is feasible that it is delayed due to the postal strike. If you paid by Paypal you have some security so fingers crossed.